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We are Neargrow.

When you think about international expansion, two sides of the coin come to mind: great opportunities and the threat of a different culture, work environment and bureaucracy.

What if you had access to expertise through multiple disciplines that would suit your needs?

Neargrow provides the support and implied services that enable you to set up operations in our country. Portugal is known for its natural beauty and amazing weather, with expanding tourism interest but it’s equally interesting in what regards technology. With 8 of its universities in the overall “Times Higher Education's World University Rankings" and a vivid startup and technological ecosystem, it’s fair to say Portugal is a safe haven to look for expertise of excellence. By combining a competitive cost of living with great weather and good technology experts, some people find it hard to go working elsewhere.

While you focus on the strategic growth of your company, we take away the hassle of opening a company in a foreign country. That includes finding talent, handling financial and legal tasks, enforcing compliance or making sure you have the best work environment composed of high-skilled professionals.

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Why us

Nearshore services

We want to give people the time to work on new ideas by providing a turnkey solution to make them happen, remotely!

Agile workforce

We promote synergy between cross-functional teams and ensure team balance according to roadmap, while working with agile methodologies.

Technical expertise

Full-stack competencies across multiple languages and frameworks, continuous delivery and quality assurance through unit, manual, automated and load tests.


Our senior managers and executives will provide coaching to suit your needs and define a training plan to both on-site and off-site resources.


We can help you to scale up and out at the same time, by improving your processes and workflows and by remotely providing the expertise and manpower you are looking for.

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We are Neargrow. And we’d love to meet you.

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