Software development/Customer support/Data science/Talent & HR

Software development

When great products or services come to mind it is crucial that you implement them right and make them work flawlessly. In order to do so, it is highly recommended to gather the best talent, technologies and infrastructures for each scenario.

All of our software services follow structured IT processes and proven methodologies as well as always up-to-date information on the status of your projects. We develop great software solutions, relieving you from operational overheads and any associated risks.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructures with high-skilled technicians, we assure great solutions with the best ROI possible.


High­-skilled professional suited for your needs.

Starter pack

1-2 developers, one UI/UX expert, one QA engineer.


2-4 developers, one UI/UX expert, one QA engineer and one team leader. We assure the team balance as well as picking the best possible candidates.

Company pack

Multiple teams plus one Architect.

Customer support

A high-quality and consistent call center service may define the quality standard of a business, as it’s one of the main contact points with your customers, as well as an internal service. We provide a tailored solution to any business you want to support through customer services and call centres, regardless of your company size.

While you focus on your core business activity, we handle the full process from hiring and training staff to designing and setting up the appropriate software solution to fit your needs. By combining the best technologies with experienced agents, you get a high quality call centre and customer service that will not only boost satisfaction overall but also gather the best leads and optimize their usage. Our 24/7 connected service guarantees your customers and clients satisfaction via phone and internet powered services, such as live chat and helpdesk, with real time reporting and recording.

Best of all, our nearshore solution offers great expertise while reducing your operational costs.

Data Science

Nowadays, most companies are starting to use their data, generated over the years from the expertise acquired in every single project. However, it is not an easy task to make sense out of the data and discover hidden patterns, it requires a Data team with the right skillset (Data Scientists, Engineers and Analysts) to do the cleaning and analysis at an early stage so that later you can apply advanced algorithms and machine learning (predictions) on top of the data. That’s when those Data experts start to prototype quick solutions just to prove to you how profitable your data is. Therefore, Neargrow can get you a suitable Data team that will “tidy up your house” and generate value to your business with your own data.

Talent & HR

Great people create great value, which leads to getting people with the appropriate skills to become a top concern amongst companies while the HR operations struggle to keep up with the growing business needs and customers demands.

When considering outsourcing recruitment, it must be tailored to your company’s needs, properly aligned with your business goals. We offer a customized HR service that delivers the great and smart workforce you seek.

Through an optimized hiring process, we filter great candidates to make sure you get the most valuable talent, matching your company needs with the candidates' skills, experience and culture.