Portuguese branch/Managed Operations/Outsourcing

Portuguese branch

Portuguese branch is our “icing on the cake” solution. We set up a completely new company for you in Portugal, find a suitable office, gather the staff you need to execute your projects and help you managing them. With this solution, the employees will be actually yours!

We understand the difficulty of setting a new company in a foreign country, so we help you on that by being your legal representatives in Portugal. In case you were working with us already, we will move all the staff (allocated to your project) from Neargrow to the new company so you can do the acquisition of the entire package!

The staff cost is reduced up to 30% because there is no one between you and the employees. However, Neargrow will charge additional costs to set up and maintain operations:

  • Set up company
  • Guidance on how to apply for European funds
  • Management monthly fee
  • Fee by new employee based on Gross yearly cost

There’s still a possibility of getting a hybrid solution - teams and managers moving to the new company, keeping a few experts (e.g. designers and data engineers) at Neargrow, working for you only when/if necessary!

Managed Operations

Pushing nearshore outsourcing to a complete different level, we offer a turnkey solution to implement your ideas!

We gather the entire team for you, from junior developers to senior management (e.g. Project Manager, Product Manager or Scrum Master) and we take on the project ownership throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Neargrow will be responsible for the requirement analysis, specification, design, development, maintenance and support, quality assurance and security validation, always keeping you updated with recurrent reports, just to guarantee we meet your expectations.


As a first point of interaction, we allow you to make use of our solutions without compromising your internal structure. You can choose from a variety of services, such as software development, customer service, data, finance, HR and procurement, gathering expertise on uncharted territory while reducing operational costs.

We want you to focus exclusively on the business strategy while we handle the logistic burden. In case you already have a team in place, we can offer a hybrid solution - let us know what you’re struggling with and we'll make sure we complete your team (remotely) with the remaining expertise and roles, in order to reach your goals.

Available roles:
Agile Coach | Architect | BI Engineer | Cloud Platform Engineer | CTO | Data Scientist | Database Developer | DevOps | Happiness Engineer | Junior, Mid & Senior Engineer | Project Manager | QA and QC Engineer (including automated testing) | Scrum Master | Technical Lead | Technical Support | UI and UX Designer | WordPress Developer